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NAMI Greater Houston is equipped with the materials and methods available to meet your mental health needs

At the heart of NAMI’s mission is our ‘grassroots’ and the sharing of information with people living with mental illness, their families, friends, mental health professionals and the general public. NAMI strives to offer hope, reform, and resources to our Houston community through support, education, and advocacy efforts.


NAMI GH S.E.A. Center & Warmline

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Our NAMI Greater Houston S.E.A. Center serves as a connection hub for community mental health in Greater Houston. Over years of experience, we can help you figure out which of our offerings may be best for you and can also connect you to a wealth of care partners in the Greater Houston Area.

Our SEA Center also is the home of our Warmline. A warmline is a supplement to a crisis line and ours is run by peers and family members who have their own journeys with mental health conditions and emotional distress. Our warmline specialists candidly acknowledge and speak of their own experiences, when appropriate. Sometimes, we just share more when we're speaking to someone who knows. Our specialists are trained to provide confidential, supportive guidance in a sincere, uncritical, non-judgemental manner. Call us at 713-970-4483 (M to F, 9-5) or leave us a note here.

You can think of us as an informed friend who can't wait to hear from you. Our calls often tend to start with someone calling with a narrow question about support services but end with our specialists having gently discovered the too often hidden load people carry. This allows us a chance to be with you in those “medium crisis" moments - a moment where life was not in danger but the experience left a deep, painful memory for you and your loved ones. Call us during these times. We see you. You belong. Each of these moments is a chance for us to care for you and we don't want to miss them.

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Local Mental Health Resources

Harris Center Crisis phone (24-hr):

713-970-7000,‌ ‌option‌ ‌1‌
Mobile‌ ‌Crisis‌ ‌OutreachTeam.pdf‌‌ ‌(Harris‌ ‌Center)‌ ‌

Harris‌ ‌County‌ ‌‌Sheriff’s‌ ‌Dept‌ ‌Crisis‌ ‌‌

(713)‌ ‌221-6000‌ ‌‌‌ ‌(Fort‌ ‌Bend‌ ‌Co.)‌ ‌

Crisis‌ ‌Hotline‌‌ (Fort‌ ‌Bend)‌ ‌

(800)‌ ‌633-5686‌‌‌

Montgomery‌ ‌County‌ ‌24-hr‌ ‌Crisis:‌


Para‌ ‌llamadas‌ ‌en‌ ‌‌Espanol‌:‌ ‌‌1-888-628-9454‌

Mental Health Local Resources

Crisis & Suicide Resources

National‌ ‌Suicide‌ ‌Prevention‌ ‌Lifeline‌ ‌

(800)‌ ‌273-TALK‌ ‌(8255)‌ ‌or‌ ‌(800)‌ ‌SUICIDE‌ ‌

Harris‌ ‌Center‌ ‌Crisis‌ ‌Line‌ ‌

(866)‌ ‌970-4770‌ ‌

Veteran‌ ‌Crisis‌ ‌Line‌ ‌

(800)‌ ‌273-8255‌ ‌Press‌ ‌1‌ ‌

National‌ ‌Hopeline‌ ‌Network‌ ‌

(800)‌ ‌SUICIDE‌ ‌

National‌ ‌Youth‌ ‌Crisis‌ ‌

(800)‌ ‌442-HOPE‌ ‌(4673)‌ ‌‌

Chat online:

Alcohol & Drug Problems


Substance Abuse

Here are ways and resources to better serve and support the LGBTQIA+ community members:

Participate in education/training that focus on legal issues, ‘coming out’ process, and other relevant topics. More information:

Learn and understand the use of pronouns and chosen names. It’s important to ensure we use the pronouns and chosen names of individuals to affirm their gender identity.

Do not ‘Out’ people—this is a personal choice. Follow the lead of the LGBTQ+ person in how they wish to discuss their identity

Provide relevant resources and ways of finding Queer-friendly providers (specifically mental health providers):

Find other LGBTQIA+ mental health statistics to understand the needs of the community.


For support related to COVID-19, please reach out to the Harris Center for specialized services in English or Spanish.

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