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About Us

NAMI GH is a GuideStar Silver nonprofit

About NAMI Greater Houston

NAMI Greater Houston is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization established in 1988 by a group of dedicated and caring family members of those living with difficult, yet treatable, mental illnesses. In founding NAMI Greater Houston, these family members sought to establish a grassroots organization that would address the increasing need for families and persons affected by mental illness to have a powerful voice in the mental health community.

Our Purpose

The families and members of NAMI Greater Houston are here to help! We offer understanding to anyone concerned about mental illnesses and the treatment of mental illness. Mental illnesses are brain disorders that are biologically based medical problems. Untreated, they can cause severe disturbances in thinking, feeling, and relating. This results in a substantially diminished capacity for dealing with the ordinary demands of life. Mental illness can affect persons of any age and occur in any family. They are not caused by bad parenting and not evidence of a weakness of character.

Our Mission

The mission of NAMI Greater Houston is to provide advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives.

Our Vision

NAMI Greater Houston envisions a healing community where all persons affected by mental illness can experience resiliency on the road to wellness.

Our Goals

We advocate at the county, state, and national levels for non-discriminatory access to quality healthcare, housing, education, and employment for people with mental illness.

  • Early identification of mental and emotional instability
  • Improved access to care and treatment
  • Diversion from incarceration, community treatment in settings other than jails

NAMI Greater Houston provides FREE education programs, peer-facilitated support groups, and grassroots advocacy initiatives that enable families and consumers to better understand the complexities and challenges of living with a mental illness and in doing so, become more effective self-advocates.

NAMI Greater Houston vigorously promotes the development of community mental health programs and services, improved access to services, increased opportunities for recovery, reduced stigma and discrimination, and increased public understanding of mental illness. Through our peer-run resource center – the S.E.A. (Support, Education and Advocacy) Center, families and consumers can access the help they need.

of Americans will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition sometime in their life, and half of those people will develop conditions by the age of 14. -NIMH

Source: MHA

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