COVID-19’s coming mental health toll is a ‘disease of despair’

Posted June 12, 2020/Updated June 16, 2020 By Todd Ackermann Houston Chronicle COVID-19 has already claimed the lives of more than 115,000 Americans, but one of the disease’s most serious and lasting effects is just starting to hit: the mental health toll. The coming crisis, created by massive unemployment, social isolation and uncertainty about […]

Why doctors say there’s been an increase in mental health illness linked to COVID-19

May 14, 2020 By Raven Ambers ABC 13 HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Doctors in the Houston area said the unknowns of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing has led to an increase in mental health patients over the last couple of months. “Depression and anxiety are one of the more common presenting symptoms for […]

Discrimination and Racism in the History of Mental Health Care

July 6, 2020 By Kylie M. Smith, Ph.D. NAMI People with mental illness have always been discriminated against. They have been denied full participation in society and labeled as dangerous and criminal. Many have been locked in institutions that acted more like prisons designed to punish than hospitals designed to treat. In the 1960s, […]

This Minority Mental Health Month, NAMI is Raising Awareness About Mental Health in Underrepresented Communities

July 1, 2020 NAMI Arlington, VA — NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, has the goal of raising awareness about mental health care in underrepresented communities. Our culture, beliefs, sexual identity, values, race and language all affect how we perceive and experience mental health conditions. In fact, cultural differences can influence what treatments, coping mechanisms and […]

HERE 2 HELP: All the mental health resources you need to know about as you face COVID-19 era

May 19, 2020 By Samara Perez Click2Houston HOUSTON – The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our daily lives and the mental well-being of millions worldwide. In support of mental health awareness month, observed in May, we gathered a list of resources available to Houston-area residents as they face the COVID-19 era.  

UH psychologist sheds light on mental health for African Americans

May 27, 2020 By Joy Sewing The Houston Chronicle When Rheeda Walker finished writing her book, “The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health,” (New Harbinger Publications, $16.95), she considered not using “mental health” in the title. The words often carry a stigma and can inhibit someone from seeking help altogether, she said. But Walker, […]